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Workshop 3 and we head to Loughborough Junction with Sylivia Marshall and Jasmine Birtles….

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Tuesday 7th October and workshop three took place at our new venue The Sunshine International Arts Cafe , hosted by owner Ray.  The C.A.F.E. is a creative space and meeting point for south London’s arts and crafts community.

JP opened the session by welcoming the mentors and speakers for the night. First up she welcomed Sylivia Marshall, founder of Cosy Homes  and secondly internationally finance expert, journalist, TV presenter and radio presenter, author and humorist, Jasmine Birtles.

Sylivia Marshall presented her workshop on how to survive in business. Her frank, open and tough advise had the room of entrepreneurs feeling fired up. Her direct and honest tips were clearly making an impression. Sylivia told the room convention if often not the right route and not to be afraid of what your business is as YOU are your business, don’t forget to drive it at all times.

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Jasmine Birtles presented the second workshop named, How to do PR on NO Money. Jasmine took the group through what her vast experience covered and how she had become such an expert. Her tips included ways to make your press release stand out to a journalist, creating angles, creating stories that can’t be ignored and how to use social media to your advantage.

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The evening came to a close with JP advising everyone to keep up their brilliant social media interaction with Brand Amplifier and to get ready for the final workshop by preparing as many question for the Q&A session with past alumni.

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So stay tuned on what all the finalists are up to on @Brand Amplifier twitter and @BrandAmplifier Instagram, where the competition is really heating up….


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