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Van Girls founder, Emma Lanman, on life after Brand Amplifier

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Life after BA


The awards night of Brand Amplifier was a huge high in my life and in the life of my business so far. Winning the platinum award felt like huge validation that the business was going in the right direction and that my vision wasn’t just blind optimism. But after the night and the week of buzz that followed it I had to fend off PBAD (Post BA Depression).


For four weeks, every week, I had had to make time to sit down and think about the questions posed to me by the BA mentors the week before and come up with some business guiding ideas. I had to distill my vision in to tangible sentences and really figure out what made people choose Van Girls over our competitors. Then, every Tuesday evening, I got to head to Brixton and the cool offices of JPC, and spend the evening hours in the company of some of the most inspiring, friendly and funny women I’ve met on my journey so far. Although it was a competition, this felt like a collaboration. A glass of wine to shed off the day and we’d be given pearls of wisdom by successful business women, marketing and communication experts, all there to help us succeed.


I formed friendships with people during those four weeks, which I hadn’t expected. So, when the first Tuesday came around after the awards and it dawned on me I wasn’t heading to Brixton to see the BA brigade, it was hard not to be glum. Instead, I realised they had given me all the tools I needed to get on with becoming a real success so I’d better get started.


My business is called Van Girls and we carry out removals and art moving with a female team of drivers and movers. Since BA I have used the plan I mapped out for my pitch to achieve national press coverage, using the lessons we learned about writing a press release. We also had London commuter press coverage by creating a twitter storm out of a sexist email we received. I never would have thought about using social media in the way that I do now without the insight offered by the BA mentors. When the media storm took off they supported me through it, which was invaluable.


Off the back of this press coverage the removals industry have started taking notice of us and we will feature in ‘The Mover’ magazine in August with the aim of become the female subcontractors for large established removal companies. We have also been contacted by a TV Production company who want us to take part in a program about removals companies, which could be amazing coverage for us.


June has seen our largest turnover to date and been our most profitable month to date.


I want to stay involved with Brand Amplifier and help other entrepreneurs as they helped me. I have started a group on facebook with some other female entrepreneurs I know where we can support each other and with whom I have tried to share as much of what I learned as possible. I hope to stay in touch with the women I made friends with during the BA weeks and I know when it comes to our businesses, we’ve got each other’s backs. PBAD is fading and life after BA is tiring but good. Fingers crossed for the future!

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