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By JPC |

Final Brand Amplifier workshop takes places with a Q&A session with past alumni…..

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So, Tuesday 14th October and our final Brand Amplifier took place back at Ray’s Sunshine C.A.F.E. in Loughborough Junction. The final workshop was a Q&A session hosted by JP and our esteemed panel of past alumni, Emma Lanman, Robyn Parker and Zoe Robson.

JP opened the final session with a quick update on our Instagram competition, which is really hotting up. The female entrepreneurs have really stepped up the pace now the Superstar Social Media prize is just in reach. Go and check out @Brandamplifier and see all the brilliant posts already up.

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Before taking questions from the floor JP encouraged the finalists to think about their time on BA and what they really have gained from the four weeks. She asked everyone to think about how they will share they experience with others and how they could help budding business they come into contact with. JP then welcomed the past alumni to the front and so began the Q&A.

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Zoe from Z-Studios opened the evening with an honest account of her first start up and the problems she came across when starting up and without those failures she would not be where she is today.

Questions came in fast and Van Girls founder, Emma, explained how BA helped to simplify her brand and how to just ‘sell’ your idea which made her more ambitious and realistic. It helped her to be more focused and explore other ideas she had previously thought might never work. Robyn Parker told the room how BA made he distill her ideas down to what the root element was for her brand. She was able to create and develop her own brand identity with more confidence and gusto.

The panel answered questions around the awards and pitch day, offering good tips on how they can reduce any worries around their pitch. JP rounded off the evening wishing the finalists good luck and to really prepare for their five minutes in front of the judges on November 13th.

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So stay tuned on what all the finalists are up to on @Brand Amplifier twitter and @BrandAmplifier Instagram, where the competition is really heating up….

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