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Patricia Curmi from Curious Kid tells us what Brand Amplifier has meant to her so far…..

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If you are reading this, maybe you’re running your own business. This means you probably think you don’t even have the time to even finish reading this blog. So, just for you, here are my three top takeaways (pilfered from the Brand Amplifier workshops):

  1. 80% of what you do is pointless. Find out what the useful 20% is and do it first – Sylvia Marshall
  2. Live the brand – JP
  3. You have two seconds to get your point across – Jasmine Birtles

Still reading?  Excellent. I love the incurably curious.

Why the opener about being time-poor?  The other day I did an incredibly scientific poll of everyone I know who runs their own business, asking: “what’s your biggest challenge to success?” Their answer was invariably, predictably: “Time!” As in, I need another five minutes to do that urgent thing I was supposed to finish yesterday! I’ve spent the last nine months since I started Curious Kid running between client meetings, business planning, staff meetings, bookkeeping, networking and the multitude of other things that need to happen (now, now, now!) so this resonates with me.

This perception of having no time meant that back when I saw the Brand Amplifier workshop advertised, my first reaction was: ‘I don’t have time for that’, surely the mantra of the mistaking-stress-for-productivity school of business. Luckily, I’ve never knowingly turned down a challenge and the Brand Amplifier ad asked a twitch-inducing question: ‘who are you and what are you telling me about your business?’

I knew building the Curious Kid identity was something I had prevaricated about, relying instead on a decade in charity communications to successfully bring in clients based purely word of mouth. The funniest thing is that I love creative communications, which is what brave branding is all about. Despite doing it all day for clients, I just thought I didn’t have enough time to do it for myself. Big mistake.

Somehow I made the time to go to the workshops. (Actually, I just stopped doing basic household tasks like cooking and washing – sorry partner!) What I found at Brand Amplifier was the business wisdom of Sylvia Marshall; media savvy from the hilariously insightful journalist/businesswoman Jasmine Birtles; and the most TED-like motivational speech I have yet to receive from JP, who bounces about the sessions like a wire come loose from the mains.

So now, here I am, writing a blog that I didn’t think I had time to do either. I’ve got a new network of women who have challenged me, supported me and inspired me. That’s important when being a business owner can feel like I spend most days in my own head.

So if you managed to read to here, I would say: ‘Sign up to the next Brand Amplifier workshops. Make the time!’


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