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Archie Mac London talks Brand Amplifier

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I got so much out of the whole Brand Amplifier experience for my brand, Archie Mac London. Even being accepted as a finalist gave me a massive boost of confidence. It’s always good to know that someone else believes in your idea, particularly when that person really knows what they’re talking about!! The wealth of different experiences of each of the workshop speakers furthered my understanding of so many different areas of running my business. Just as important as their practical advice, I’ll carry their nuggets of wisdom with me. JP’s ‘hit it like a rugby player’ for example has taught me not to approach things with fear. Sylvia Marshall’s workshop on identifying our sizzle made me figure out what it is that makes Archie Mac London so special and this has become the foundation for carrying forward all the practical things Brand Amplifier taught me. On top of all that, I know have a priceless network of like-minded women who are in the same boat who I can go to for support or a bit of a winge when things aren’t going well!

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